Have You Seen Our New Website?

Liz Miller

When we first designed our online store we were looking around at other websites and trying to be like them. Recently we realized we don’t have to be like anyone else - just like how you stand out in a crowd when you wear Vulture Gear. So we changed everything

Our site is now scrollable to your heart’s content. Find everything even quicker and with HALF the amount of clicks. From our homepage it now takes one click to get to your favorite product. Super easy, right?

See our new website design in action - improved for usability

What have we been up to besides making this rad website? Dreaming up crazy new gear for you! Head over to instagram to check out the sneak peeks we’ve posted so far (and follow us so you never miss another sneak peek) of our three new patterns and new products. 

If you’ve already seen those sneak peeks and you’re sitting here going “Okay, but when are the products coming out??” I’m with you - we haven’t set a final date (you’ll be the first to know when we do, if you’re on our mailing list) but we’re planning on having a complete shop update in mid-April. 

For now, hit us up on social media and let us know what you think of the new site: Love it? Five stars? We think so, but we’re biased.

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