New Products Launching April 20th

Liz Miller

Last Friday, the 13th, marked six months since our online store launched and I’m so excited to be launching an all new series of patterns and products this Friday! This collection is special to me because it’s the first collection Alex and I have collaboratively designed; we’re calling it the Mountain Fauna Collection. Each skull in every pattern was hand drawn by him, which I then took and digitized, and we both came together to figure out how they all worked together.

(Many beers and cups of tea were shared during this process, so shout outs to Burial Beer, Tasty’s, Dobra Tea, and Brother Joe’s for being great places to work while enjoying a tasty beverage)

Introducing our three new patterns:

Our new purple avian pattern featuring bird skulls

1 - Avian Pattern - We couldn’t do a bird themed pattern without prominently featuring vultures, right? Our avian pattern features turkey vulture, great horned owl, northern cardinal, American crow, osprey, and ruby throated hummingbird skulls, all with a purple feather and background. Perfect if you like birds, the color purple, or maybe flying purple people eaters?

When you purchase products with this pattern, 10% of the profits benefit the Carolina Raptor Center, an organization that protects and rehabilitates raptors.

(If this happens to be your favorite, you should also check out our new line of embroidered raptor hats featuring a vulture skull, great horned owl skull, and osprey skull)

Our new carnivore pattern on black and blue bear fur featuring carnivore skulls

2 - Carnivore Pattern - Our mandala inspired carnivore pattern highlights one of Alex’s favorite drawings he did: the black bear. You can also see a coyote, red fox (throwback to one of my first patterns), raccoon and bobcat skulls. The background is a flowing black and blue fur pattern made to look like black bear fur. This one definitely reminds us of one of our favorite places in Asheville, the WNC Nature Center, because of their two beautiful black bears!

When you purchase products with this pattern, 10% of the profits benefit the WNC Nature Center which is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and focuses on animal conservation, species survival, and connecting people with the animals of WNC. 

Our new herbivore pattern on emerald green featuring herbivore skulls

3 - Herbivore Pattern - Our vibrant emerald green herbivore pattern has been getting us so many compliments! This pattern features the whitetail deer (buck and doe), American beaver, feral swine, and cottontail rabbit skulls. We have been so inspired by our new home in Western North Carolina that we wanted all our new skulls in our patterns to be local wildlife, which is also why we are giving a portion of every purchase back to organizations that support the wildlife of the area.

When you purchase products with this pattern, 10% of the profits benefit Wild for Life, an organization that works to care for injured and/or orphaned wildlife with the ultimate goal being the successful release back into the wild.

All of these patterns will be available on tote bags & t-shirts on April 20th.

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