Recap: Our First Art Market

Liz Miller

Our booth at the Moonlit Market at Burial Beer co showing off our handmade hats and books

Over a year ago Alex and I went to Burial Beer Co., a local Asheville brewery, for the first time. It happened to randomly be a Moonlit Market that night. As we enjoyed our beers we admired all the tables were filled with arts and crafts vendors. Starting Vulture Gear was already an idea (it had been my senior thesis but was on the back burner as we settled into our new city) and we mused about how neat it would be to be part of a local art market like this.

This year we started working on our big dream in earnest, making books and hats and dreaming of other products every spare minute we had (well, not every minute, plenty of time was spent relaxing and consuming more local beer!). I happened to see Burial post about this year’s Moonlit Market and and started working double pace ready to apply. After many hours of work we got our application in and GOT ACCEPTED! It felt surreal, we weren't even open for business online and yet we’d been accepted to be part of this amazing event. And we had a real, tangible deadline: September 13th.

I can’t tell you how hard we worked to make our stock of books and hats in time for that date, but I can tell you how thankful I am to have Alex at my side. He’s been supportive since the beginning and I’m always complimenting how easily he picks up the way I make products. I’ve been making things by hand since I was a kid but it’s a completely new experience trying to teach someone else how you do it. I know he’s also proud and honored to be a part of this journey we’ve decided to be on, and I’ll keep the mushiness to a minimum here.

We were still working on hats up to the minute on September 13th, but somehow we managed to get everything done, get to the art market, and get set up in time to start at 8pm. It was a sublime and nerve wracking to stand behind that table and watch complete strangers inspect the things I’d been staying up until 2am to sew together. We were so honored to receive so many compliments!

Somehow we managed to hit the minimum sales goal I had set but it was never about the sales for me. This first ever art market was purely about doing it in the first place. It was about having the courage to apply, to say we’re legitimately putting these products out into the world and literally standing behind them. To be at that table was thrilling and by the time I even looked at the clock we had less than half an hour until it ended. Time had gone by so fast!

We are so incredibly thankful to have supporters like you reading this and getting excited to purchase our products online. I’m so excited to announce the launch is happening OCTOBER 13th. That’s right, lucky Friday the 13th! At the same time, we’re working on getting into more art markets because there’s something so satisfying about being able to showcase real tangible items for you to see, touch, and admire in the “real world,” not just a digital platform. Stay tuned for more updates, Vulture Gear is coming at you soon!

Alex and Liz behind their booth at the Moonlit Market at Burial Beer Co showing off their handmade hats and books

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