About – Vulture Gear


Our mission: To inspire and be inspired by the Earth to create a more environmentally sustainable habitat for ourselves and the animals around us. 

You want to buy environmentally friendly products, launch your creative career, and save the earth with art. You’re a mindful creative, but it can be hard to know where your products are made or what they’re made with. Vulture Gear specializes in handmade products made from environmentally friendly materials with unique, nature-inspired photographic patterns. We value happiness, mindfulness, and environmental sustainability.

Happiness - We believe in finding your happiness and creating a pratice of sustainable happiness to live a fulfilling life.

Mindfulness - We believe in being aware of every action and how your choices and emotions affect your environment and happiness.

Environmental Sustainability - We believe in rebuilding our natural world and supporting enironmental and animal rehabilitation causes, which is why a portion of every purchase goes to the Sierra Club and the Carolina Raptor Center. You also have the option to plant a tree for an extra dollar with every purchase. 

We’re creatives, just like you. Liz studied photography, graphic design, and book arts in college and Alex studied art history. When we were looking to move from Baltimore after college, the potential art and craft community played a large part in our choice. Asheville, North Carolina had everything we wanted: an arts district, galleries, workshops, and of course, craft fairs. Throughout the year you can find us at different craft shows (Stay updated about where we’ll be next)!

Asheville also has something amazing running through it that influenced us move here: the Blue Ridge Parkway. Because of this incredible national park and the surrounding trails, forests, and scenery, we knew it would inspire new and exciting patterns for this craft of love that we are turning into our business.

Our patterns are inspired in part by Vulture Culture, and the idea of immortalizing animal bones. Each pattern is made from a photograph of bones, skulls, insects, and/or plants; beautiful objects with natural symetry, which are then accentuated with digital symmetry (please note: no animals have been nor will ever be harmed or killed with the intent of using them for our artwork).

From these patterns we design products that we love and figure out how to make them ourselves. This way, we make mindful decisions about each material we choose to put into your hands, and together we can make less of a negative impact on our environment and more of a positive one on us as consumers and creatives.


Watch how we make our sketchbooks below: